Business Development Manager (Overseas relocation)

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Singapore, Singapore

5,500 - 6,000 SGD

Job description


  • Singaporean or Singapore PR who will be willing to be in India (Bangalore or Mumbai)
  • We will take care of your accommodation costs
  • Talented, motivated, intense and interesting
  • Doing things in about one-third the time that most competent people think will be possible
  • Knowledge of b2b enterprise sales
  • Ecommerce experience in onboarding suppliers/merchants
  • Alternatively, experience working in banks
  • Experience ~3 or more years is a bonus
  • Enterprise B2B business development or sales or partnership experience is a must
  • There is commission and bonus

You’ll be responsible for

  • Building relationships with local companies, MNCs, suppliers and banks
  • Facilitate buying and selling (ecommerce) between buyers and sellers on the platform
  • Facilitate fulfillment on the orders placed on the platform
  • Get more buyers and sellers on the platform

We are an equal opportunity employer"It's easier to invent the future than to predict it" - Alan Kay

About us

Our client is a first of the kind product focused technology company that has the full support of capital investor from Singapore, and a global network of supporting team members whose aim is to empower Companies and Financial Institutions to have the power to create their own B2B marketplaces. As part of the global network of technology companies, our client still retains the autonomy to create innovative tech products across fintech, logistics and marketplace.

The 8 philosophies and values (or covenant) define who we really are:

  • Zero office politics and hierarchy (in fact we hate this so much that we encourage open discussions and all hands meeting)
  • We are the pioneers (i.e. this means that we should also be at the forefront of innovation, we spent countless nights conceptualizing new features, services and ideas to be the FIRST to empower our users and clients)
  • We help one another (i.e. no one is left behind and we are prepare to slow down for you so long as you are willing to improve)
  • We are not fun on the outside, but we are really fun on the inside (i.e. many companies only showed on surface fun activities they do, but we think fun should be part and parcel of work)
  • We are very hardworking (i.e. Regardless of what it takes, we need to ensure the success of our users through using our product. We are more than 100% committed to our employees who will make this happen)
  • We say what we really mean (i.e. Across the company, we don't make empty promises, we say what we really mean and execute to do it)
  • We are true believers of tech (i.e. Many companies are often a hybrid of tech and some traditional business model e.g. ecommerce, but we want to be the operating system to power all these marketplaces by creating a robust tech)
  • Above all, we practise fairness and meritocracy (i.e. Regardless of your background, schools, gender, etc, we play by fair and open rules, and ensure everyone gets chance to be recognised and be promoted)

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